Does the Idea of Buying a Home Scare You?

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Does the Idea of Buying a Home Scare You?

What are your worries when it comes to buying a home? Is it all about finances? Did you know that 36% of Americans think that they need a 20% down payment, when in fact they may require much less than that? 71.8% of loan applications were approved last month, and the next one could be yours!

You might have thought about looking through Charlotte homes for sale for your first home, but decided to wait because you weren’t quite sure you were ready.  Some first-time home buyers are scared of the idea of buying a home. This may be because they assume they can’t afford the investment, or that it won’t be worth it. For many, the fear of home buying stems from a lack of knowledge about the North Carolina real estate market.

It’s important for people considering buying a home to have current, correct information about the home buying process, costs, and requirements for pre-qualification, etc before making any decisions. It’s also important that you have an experienced homebuyer specialist broker to guide you through your mortgage options, show you homes, and assist you with negotiations.

If you are a first-time home buyer, make sure to read Ending the Myths for First Time Home Buyers to break free of some of your assumptions about buying a home.

Consider the chart below to clear away misconceptions about buying a home:

Does the Idea of Buying a Home Scare You

If you’re assuming that renting is cheaper and more beneficial than buying, make sure to read Should You Rent or Buy? In Both Scenarios, You’re Paying a Mortgage. It’s important to know that Buying A Home Is Now 36% Cheaper Than Renting and that your landlord builds the costs of repairs into your rent! Buying may be a much better route for you, so be sure to compare both options before making a decision.

Do you have a less-than-impressive loan background that makes you worry about mortgage loans? Be sure to read Will Home Buyers with Low Credit Scores Qualify for a Mortgage Loan? to build a better grasp on your opportunities for a loan. Buying a home should not scare you, but should be something exciting to look forward to! Renting should not be your reason not to buy; consider all of the facts before you make any assumptions about what you can and cannot afford!

Allow Showcase Realty to assist you with your home search today! We have helped thousands of home buyers buy the homes of their dreams and we’re here to serve you.  Call us at 704.997.3794 or send us a message here!

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